Healium Digital Healthcare

Healium Digital Healthcare

We are a healthcare AI company focused on early detection and management of high burden diseases like chronic kidney disease through non-invasive digital biomarkers. 

Kidney diseases (CKD – Chronic Kidney Diseases) only get detected when it’s too late to be treated and patients are left to life-long dialysis or transplant. WHO figures show dramatic rise of 32% of death due to CKD in last decade.

Diabetes, BP and lifestyle increase CKD.

The sooner you know you have kidney disease, the sooner you can make changes to protect your kidneys.

We HEALIUM DIGITAL HEALTHCARE have come up with Healium Diagnostic Tool that detects your kidney health status before 15% of damage and predict Progression Trajectory.

Our Recognitions:


Selected at global digital health marketplace

Selected for NVIDIA Inception & Microsoft Startups

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Email ID: info@healium.ai

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